BIG SAXY grew up in the Texas music scene. His father began teaching him at the early age of 7. Like most musicians, the 12 yr old wanted to know more, so he went to the places where the music that interest him was being played. The young BIG SAXY spent all of his teenage years playing in every Honky Tonk & Blues Joint he could find! Over the years BIG SAXY performed with all levels of local acts and several well know artists. He enjoys playing and singing blues, gospel, praise & worship, jazz, country and classic rock.


BIG SAXY & The Mechanics are hard hitting Blues and Swing professionals who are based out of Washington, MO.

This act will perform at most any event or venue. If you have an event in mind that you would like BIG SAXY and/or The Mechanics to perform at, please visit the CONTACT page in the top right corner of the menu.